44 Cent land for sale in Kurunthancodu

44 Cent land for sale in Kurunthancodu

Houses near by 300 feet

the purpose of this land can be use to build poultry farming,cow farming,and all purpose you need

around this place is pin fence

good water facility

it’s a equal level land to the road level

this land is situated 1 km from Kurunthancodu junction



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BAIRAVA Real Estate & A to Z helpline

Real Estate & A to Z helpline.
106 - A Rajakkamangalam Road
Near Carmel School
Kanyakumari district
We are running bairava real estate for last 15 years in kanyakumari district.
We know many real estate buyers sellers, land surveyor, document writer, mediators, builder,
Etc, these people are in contact with us.
Now we have started BAIRAVA  A to Z helpline.
The aim of this service is
1. House, land, commercial land, building, coconut farm, rubber estate, paddy field, polutry farm, factories, industrial land, dtcp approval plot, dry land, we can buy and sell and give.
2. Your properties we will measure with good surveyor and we will put boundary stones .
3. Your properties we will put and give fence wall.
4. For your properties we will take and give Land tax, Patta, Document, Encumbrance.
5. If you want to maintain your properties we will arrange labour arrangment.
6. We will do any help related to properties.
7. We will arrange marriage hall, decoration work, banana trees, birthday work, catering, lighting service,photographer, vehicle.
8. If you want we will arrange and give tour package.
9. We can arrange cctv camera , electrician, solar energy, painter, plumber, carpenter, in your house.
10. If you sell your bikes are cars please call my helpline.
11. For your car are bike we can take and give finance.
12. Your business ads will advertise in whole Tamilnadu through local cable TV, newspaper, internet.
If you need any help please contact are call my helpline…7868847273 and 04652-355084
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